Welcome to Gujarati Muslim Association of America


Assalaamu Alaikum,

Since the inception of the Gujarati Muslim Association of America (GMAA), our primary goal has been awareness for education among our Gujarati Muslim community. Our perseverance in these efforts has heightened the awareness of our organization and its activities, therefore raising the expectations of those who need our services the most. GMAA has been working very effectively in those areas of Education, Financial Assistance, and Scholarships to needy and deserving students, teacher’s motivation program for the last 15 years. During the Earthquake of 2001 GMAA has worked with the local organizations in Gujarat to help the victims in providing the medicines, cooking utensil, food, clothes and beds. In February 2002 communal riots, in which thousands of people were received help from GMAA in the form of Medicine, clothes, beds, cooking utensil, and lari carts for the small business. Funds are an ever-pressing issue, and so on throughout our other projects. Our request to those of you, who are able, is to please donate generously to the GMAA so that no one has to be deprived of the help we offer. On behalf of the members of the board, and GMAA, I would like to thank all the volunteers, community and donors for their efforts, without which the GMAA could not carry out its activities. May Allah (SWT) forgive my mistakes and shortcomings?

Zakir Vohra

Gujarati Muslim Association of America


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